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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Curse of the Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones

It's been a week since Charley Davidson was in Sleepy Hollow, New York and got her memories back as well as the new knowledge that her husband, Reyes is a god himself created out of one of the truly evil gods of Uzan, two of which are stomping around the earth right now in search of their daughter, Elwyn Alexandra, or Beep as she is often referred to, to kill her and prevent her from saving the world from Satan's taking over it.  Charley also picked up what is known as a god glass which can trap a god in a hell dimension if you know the true name of the god.  She has kept these things from Reyes because she doesn't know if he already knows he is a god or if he doesn't what the knowledge might do to him because the god he was created from was the most evil of the Uzan gods.  And she is keeping the god glass a secret in case she has to use it on him if he gets out of control as a last resort.  Of course, he's not the only one who is in danger of losing control and doing damage. She isn't in full control of her powers yet.

A Youtube video pops up causing some problems for her throughout the book. It shows her back when she was a Peace Corp volunteer years ago in Africa, performing an exorcism and is pretty graphic in that it shows her body being tossed around like a rag doll with no visible explanations for how this is possible.  She sets Amber and Quentin the adorable teen couple to discovering who is behind the video.  But if they can't she plans on setting her hacker friend Pari on the job.

Assistant D.A. Parker with whom she has a mutual adversarial relationship with, arrives with a Mr. Adams wanting to hire her to clear the guy the police have charged with the murder of his daughter, Emery Adams, whose bloody car was found by the guy, Lyle Fisk out in the desert.  On top of that Emery had been trying to break up with Lyle. But Lyle is the nicest guy in the world according to Parker who knows him and the father doesn't believe that Lyle did it either.  Parker intends to throw the case in court if Charley cannot find evidence to clear him. Parker also has something on Charley and it's up to Charley to figure out what so she sets Pari to find out what that is.

Additionally, Charley meets up with a twelve-year-old girl who is very sick and believes that she is going to die due to a curse that the children's home she lives in is under. Nine kids have died over a short period of time, but they have been of different things such as accidents, suicide, and illness. There is indeed something going on at the Home, but what exactly is the question.  In the meantime, Charley leaves the girl with Pari since her trusted assistant Cookie is too busy with other things to properly watch over her.

And while Charley is keeping secrets from Reyes, Reyes it seems is keeping some from Charley. She discovers that he is paying child support for a kid in Texas. Does he have another child?  Also, he has avoided touching her ever since she got her memories back.  What else is he keeping from her and has his feelings for her changed in some way?   And what is going on with their daughter that they gave to a couple to raise, that he won't tell her?

This is a powerhouse of a book. Charley is back with her fierce temper, high sex drive, sarcastic mouth, and tender heart.  The heat in this book will burn your fingers. And the multiple storylines will keep you hopping.  It also sets you up for events to happen in the next book where things are going to get even more interesting.  Some readers did not like the ninth book, but this one gets the series right back on track and in kick ass mode. This was a great read.

There were few things in life more irritating than other people’s children.
-Darynda Jones (The Curse of the Tenth Grave p 1)
As intrigued as I should’ve been, intrigue was not as intriguing as one might imagine at six o’clock in the morning.
-Darynda Jones (The Curse of the Tenth Grave p 7)
My love is like a candle. Carry me with you and I’ll light your path. Forget me and I’ll burn your fucking house down.
-Darynda Jones (The Curse of the Tenth Grave p 48)
I’d originally thought the name of the retirement center odd, but driving through the housing units confirmed it. I entered on Morningwood Lane.  Turned left at Pussy Willow Drive. Right on Peter Pepper Place. Left on Cockscomb Court. And finally right on Wang Peonies Way. Oh yeah, this community was definitely planned by a horny botanist.
-Darynda Jones (The Curse of the Tenth Grave p 117)

One down. Two to go.
-Status Update
-Darynda Jones (The Curse of the Tenth Grave p 241)
Don’t borrow trouble. Gotcha. So, then, can I rent it?
-Darynda Jones (The Curse of the Tenth Grave p 300)

Link to Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Curse-Tenth-Grave-Charley-Davidson/dp/1250078202/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1484316573&sr=1-1&keywords=the+curse+of+the+tenth+grave+darynda+jones

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