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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dragon Storm by Katie MacAlister

Constantine of Norka, who is the leader of the now defunct Silver Dragons, was killed and resurrected by the love of his life, Ysolde who was stolen from him by Baltic who formed the Light Dragons after the fall of the Black Dragons who were reformed under Kostya, Constantine's godson. Since Constantine had no sept, Baltic accepted him into the Light Dragons.  Constantine can fade in and out of this world and the Otherworld since he is a spirit.  Because of this Ysolde asks him to go to Abaddon (hell to humans) and take a special token from the demon lord of Abaddon, Asmodeus in order to break the curse put on the dragons. When he arrives there he finds Bee Dakar, the Charmer hired to break the curse locked up in a cell after being caught for doing the same thing he is there to do.  He refuses to let her out as he believes she is safer in the cell since he cannot protect her. As a spirit, it takes a lot of energy to do certain things such as breath fire or fight in corporal form. When he makes it to Asmodeus's room he finds Gary the head in a cage who is a knocker or a spirit that warns people in mines by knocking on the wall when a collapse in eminent. Gary tells Constantine what to take.

On the way out Constantine releases Bee and tries to make an escape but they are both caught and Gary told Asmodeus that he took something so Constantine, who has had a bete noir placed on him that keeps him in corporal form, gives over the finger he took, but keeps the other object he took.  Amid the chaos that soon ensues, Bee, Gary, and Constantine make a run for the gate and escape Abaddon.  When Bee tries to undo the curse on Constantine it blows up, which means the artifact was the wrong one. That's when they find out that the demon lord with whom they needed to get an object from was the one before Asmodeus: Bael. Constantine is withholding information about Bael from Bee and from the other dragons.

While they are making plans to find Bael to get an object, Bael is making plans to gather magic objects in order to take over the Otherworld and Abaddon and then kill off the dragons and take over the world. So the dragons are going to have to get together to stop Bael from getting these objects while also trying to break the curse that keeps them from being able to talk to each other and makes them want to fight each other.

Constantine is a wonderful character. He has an inflatable sheep and enjoys sex toys that he keeps trying to get Bee to try with some success.  When he stays in Paris he stays in a brothel because it is free of magic and the service is great.  He is so kind to Gary and gets him a hamster ball to rest in and a Tonka truck to be placed on with a remote so he can move about on his own.  He's a bit of a romantic and while at first he's still stuck on Ysolde that's more of an idyllic love that isn't real. What he feels for Bee, however, is real.  The two of them together are a fun couple to read about and this book was a really enjoyable read.

I like base motives. They can be oodles of fun.
-Katie MacAlister (Dragon Storm p 52)
“Do not think about what you will by doing,” Constantine said. “Just do it.” “You sound like a horrible mutation of Yoda.” I grumbled.
-Katie MacAlister (Dragon Storm p 70)
“Was that supposed to be a kiss?” he asked when she pulled back. The self-satisfied look on her face faded to one of annoyance. “It was very much a kiss, yes. It was supposed to be a comforting gesture since you are obviously distressed about something, but now I take it back. Oafs like you don’t deserve comforting!” “I am a wyvern, not an oaf. And wyverns enjoy being kissed, but only when it’s done properly.” Bee opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, clearly outraged, “My kiss was just fine!” “It wasn’t. It was a mere pressing of the lips. There was no passion, no heat, no teasing of the mouth, no whispered promises of pleasure, no hint of the sweet joy that lies within. And then there was the way you leaned forward to do it, ensuring that no other part of your body touched mine. A kiss is more involved---“ “Criminy beans, don’t you ever shut up?” “I assumed you wished to know what elements of your kiss were lacking—“
--Katie MacAlister (Dragon Storm p 111-12)
Sometimes you have to make your own fate rather than waiting for others to do it for you.
-Katie MacAlister (Dragon Storm p 119)
Somehow, I never thought this day would end up with me hunting a demon lord with an ex-dragon and a head in a hamster ball.
-Katie MacAlister (Dragon Storm p 162)
“I’m falling in love with you, you irritating, annoying, incredibly wonderful man. And if you think you’re going to get rid of me once the situation with your father is over, you’d just better think again.” He stopped writhing, lifting his head up to glare at me. “You’re stopping?” I pinched his hip. “Dammit, I just told you I loved you! Is that all you’re going to say? You’re supposed to react to my statement! Appropriately, I might add.” “You did not say that you were in love with me; you said you were falling in love with me. There is an important difference. Tell me when you are fully in love with me, and then I will react appropriately.”
-Katie MacAlister (Dragon Storm p 281)
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