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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Spider Gwen: Most Wanted? by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez

This comic book pics up after the first five comics in this alternate universe where Gwen gets bit by a spider and Peter is bullied and uses his smarts to come up with a formula that turns him into the Lizard and then he gets killed with Spider Gwen holding him and people believe that she killed him, including her father Captain Stacey of the police force and are now hunting her down.

Gwen is trying to use her powers for good and help out others if she can, but the only criminals she seems able to tackle is the bodega bandit who steals small time stuff. She also plays in the band The Mary Janes as a drummer, but keeps missing practices and almost misses a performance.  Mary Jane Watson, in this universe, is a bit of a bitch and is the lead singer of the band.  Between being in the band and trying to be Spider Gwen she is stretched thin and has not found a way to balance her life.  

Things get complicated when Matt Murdock (Daredevil) who works for Kingpin in this universe, pays a thug to kill Captain Stacey who is giving Spider Gwen trouble. They have a plan to come after Spider Gwen later.  The Vulture bungles things up for everyone when he gets upset with all the press Spider Gwen is getting and he isn't.

Now the people (other than the police) wants Spider Gwen to help out and get the Vulture. Including her father who now knows who she is Spider Gwen.  The two tangle, but Murdock ends up having a serious talk with the Vulture about Kingpin's plans for Spider Gwen and how he needs to get on board with those plans. The Vulture is only too happy to help.

Spider Gwen ends up visualizing Spider Pig from one of the other alternate universes and has conversations with him.  This part is pretty funny, but also pretty serious as the pig says this is the only version of Peter Parker she can cope with seeing. He's a bit like a warped Jiminy Cricket who is trying to help her get her life back on track.

The art work in this book is amazing. The sometimes vivid uses of color splash across the page in such eye-catching display.  When a new character comes up Rodriguez uses the color orange to darken the panels describing her backstory. And there is one page in partricar where the top of Gwen's head is shown and you can see her terrified eyes while across the rest of her face are the words Killer and Peter Parker and Manhunt Continues over and over as well as a few pictures of some people.  It shows how overwhelmed she is with what is going on in a way no words could ever do.  This book is a great start to the Spider Gwen series.  

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Spider-Gwen-Vol-0-Most-Wanted/dp/0785197737/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1485357032&sr=1-1&keywords=spider+gwen+most+wanted


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