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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Double Fudge Brownie Murder by Joanne Fluke

In this latest Hannah Swenson mystery, the owner of a cookie shop in Minnesota (yes, all her books contain deliciously easy recipes, both desert, and dishes) who is always, to her mother's consternation, finding yet again another dead body.  Over the books, Hannah has begun dating both Mike, a handsome flirt of a police detective, and the sweet and sensitive dentist, Norman.  Both have proposed to her and she has turned both of them down.

In this book, Hannah's widowed mother has found love for the second time in her life and her husband-to-be, Doc, has planned a surprise wedding in Vegas flying her and her daughters Hannah, Andrea (who is married to the chief of police), and the youngest, Michelle, who is still in college, as her bridesmaids.  He then plans to whisk her away on an Alaskan cruise for a honeymoon.  His best man's identity is being kept secret from Hannah.  It is Ross, an old college friend, that filmed a movie several books back, in her hometown, and something sparked between them, but he lived on the other side of the United States, and while they occasionally stayed in contact, nothing ever came of it.  Now, however, Ross is planning on applying for a job at a local TV station and wants to rekindle a romance with her.

When Hannah returns from her magical weekend, she has to face going to court for accidentally hitting someone with her truck.  Judge Colfax, who is the presiding judge in her case, has asked her and her attorney to come to his chambers before the trial.  While she is outside waiting, she hears noises and opens the door to see what is wrong, and of course, stumbles upon his dead body.  The Judge, it turns out, was calling her in to tell her he was dismissing her case.  So Hannah's in the clear for the murder, not that anyone thought she really did anything.

Judge Colfax, though a good Judge and a good man, made some enemies in his life.  His ex-wife and their child, his mistress with whom he had a child, and even his second wife who wanted desperately to have a girl, that the mistress she supposedly knew nothing about, had one.  There are also the felons and lawyers he has come up against in his career with whom he has clashed, or was it some mysterious person from his past?

While the mystery is cute and cozy, the ending is really nice, with Hannah receiving three wedding proposals all on one day from Mike, Norman, and Ross, who will she choose, if anyone?  She's gone this long without marrying anyone and she does not want to lose the close relationships she has with all of them.  It will take more than a super double fudge brownie to solve this mystery and figure out whose proposal she has decided to accept.  This is such a delightful series.  Hannah is a very real person who hates getting up in the morning and cannot speak without first drinking a cup of coffee.  She has an adorable cat named Moishe that attacks you when you open her door and spends his afternoons watching Animal Planet.  Even though her mother keeps trying to push her into marriage, she has resisted so far.  Now in her thirties, will she feel the clock ticking on how long she has? And these guys will not wait forever.

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