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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

Samantha Moon once carried a gun and hunted down the bad guys while working for HUD in Orange County California and had a happy marriage.  But that was six years ago. Until one fateful night when she is attacked and left for dead by a vampire and becomes one herself.  Now she works as a private eye at night while taking care of her two kids during the day after a short nap that leaves her feeling sluggish.  To drive the minivan, which has tinted windows, she slathers herself with sunscreen and wears clothing all over herself and a big floppy hat and makes a mad dash for it under the detached garage.  She might burn a little bit but heals fast. Her kids and family believe that she has a skin condition that makes it so she cannot go out in the sun.  Her sister Mary Lou knows the truth and helps out however she can. Her husband Dan set up a delivery service with a butcher to get cow's blood so she doesn't feed on humans.  She is able to stomach certain alcohols such as certain types of wine but they have no effect on her and they have no taste. She can also drink water. She still drinks them to give herself a sense of normalcy especially when she is out with her sister at their favorite bar talking about her vampirism, Dan's cheating, and her latest case.

Her latest case involves Kingsley Fulcrum who turns out to be a werewolf but is also an excellent defense attorney who has gotten off lots of people some of them guilty as sin and real bad guys.  Recently in front of the courthouse, he was shot five times in the neck and head and he wants Moon to find out who did it. The police are saying it was a random shooting and are getting nowhere.  Samantha finds herself attracted to Kingsley but fights it because she is still trying to save her marriage not just because they once loved each other, but because Dan will take the kids if he divorces her.

Moon goes to see Detective Sherbet at the Fullerton police station in order to get a copy of the report on the shooting of Kingsley.  It's just her luck that he is a sharp detective and tells her after seeing her that he believes that she either has a skin condition that prevented her from meeting him at any time but night and also accounts for her looks or that she is a vampire.  He gives her the file and his ten cents worth of advice on the case. He also believes that it was connected to a client but he doesn't have the resources to go through all his files and chase down all those leads.  She's welcome to do it and good luck to her. He hopes that she'll share what she learns with him. She says yes, but in reality, she plans on telling him only what she wants to and only when she wants to.  But she likes Sherbet.  He's a good cop.

This book will keep you guessing as to who the killer is.  You also really feel for the trials and tribulations that Samantha goes through in her life as a mother and wife.   Moon is also a real smart ass and has a way of trying to see the bright side of things in a darkly humorous way.  This is a great start to the series and I highly recommend it.

Link to Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Moon-Dance-Vampire-Hire-Book-ebook/dp/B002Q0Y27Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1502282068&sr=1-1&keywords=moon+dance+jr+rain


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