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Friday, July 14, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business By Mark Waid (Writer), James Robinson (Writer), Werther Dell'edera (Penciler), and VCs's Joe Caramagna (Letterer)

All Peter Parker wanted to do was to send his payment for his electric bill electronically by paying cash at the neighborhood market before they cut it off at midnight.  But he is told by the clerk at the locked door to come back in five minutes.  That's when his spider sense begins to tingle and he notices an empty delivery truck on the street. Now it's up to Spider-Man to foil armed robbers, which he does with ease, but by the time he gets back to the marketplace it's now a crime scene and he can't pay his bill so he goes home to a dark apartment.

It doesn't stay dark for long, however.  Soon a helicopter with armed men in tactical gear burst through his window and twist tie his wrists and hook him up to a line to take him up to the helicopter. Peter finds a way to escape without revealing that he is Spider-Man and makes it to the ground where he lands inside a car driven by a woman who tells him she is Teresa Parker--his sister.  They ditch the car for a cab and Teresa tells him that she went into the family business and became a CIA operative just like their parents, Richard and Mary.  Peter senses no threat from her and believes that she believes what she is saying.

The two hop on a plane heading for Monte Carlo to meet up with a source of information through a contact she has.  They are to go to a party to do this and things, of course, go wrong and Spider-Man must make an appearance when Cyclone begins to tear apart the place. But Cyclone isn't the bad guy they need to be worried about. Kingpin is planning something as the comic opens with him freeing a man from a hell hole prison. But what is he up to and what does it have to do with Peter Parker?  And who are the guys from Peter's apartment that are looking for him and why do they want him?  Can Peter keep his identity as the Spider-Man secret from Teresa? Does he want to?

Spider-Man is more a smart ass in this comic than in some of the others I've read.  The dialogue is fabulous.  The paneling pages that depict the fight between Spider-Man and Cyclone are truly chaotic. You can almost feel the wind blowing it's drawn so well.  The drawings in this comic have that slightly shadowed look about them and the colors have a softness about them that make them look artistic.  Overall this was a great comic and I highly recommend it.

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Spider-Man-Business-Mark-Waid-ebook/dp/B00PSN1ADA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500034825&sr=8-1&keywords=amazing+spiderman+family+business

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