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Friday, May 5, 2017

Wolverine: Hunting Season by Paul Cornell, Alan Davis (Penciller), Mark Farmer (Inker) and Matt Hollingsworth (Colorist) and VC's Cory Petit (Letterer)

This comic opens up with Wolverine half-naked and part skeletal trying to protect a boy from a man holding an alien weapon who is using it to vaporize a group of humans he has tied up with some kind of special rope made by the weapon. The man is surprised to find that Wolverine is still alive. The cops are trying to reason with him, but that just causes him to kill more people and the area is littered with skeletons.  There are only two left plus the boy who is not tied up.  By now Wolverine has healed up enough to fight and he attacks the man to get the weapon out of his hand but is forced to kill him when he discharges the weapon on Wolverine.  The man is the boy, Alex's father.  Tomomatsu from the police shows up to help Logan and to give him some clothes to wear. When the kid comes up to thank him he then sees the weapon on the ground and activates it with a few words that send the weapon to his hand.  Tomomatsu goes to fire on Alex as he runs off, but Wolverine stops her because he's just a kid.  Wolverine intends to bring him in himself.

The first thing he notices as he follows his scent is that Alex smells sick.  It seems that someone has taken over the boy's mind.  The boy finds Wolverine before he finds Alex and he starts shooting at people from on top of a building. Wolverine climbs up and the two have a chat about his motivations for killing Alex's dad, but not Alex and what it would take to kill Alex.  Wolverine knocks the weapon out of Alex's hand and the kid purposefully takes a nosedive off of the building, but Wolverine is there to grab hold of him and cushion his landing.  Alex remembers nothing of what happened. However, it isn't long before someone else picks up the weapon and begins shooting.

Luckily Nick Fury Jr. is there to swing in by flying car and knock the guy out.  He puts a tracking signal on the weapon just as it takes off.  Wolverine got hit by the weapon when the kid was shooting it and there's a piece of it in his shoulder. Logan takes it to Dr. Frankenstein to have a look at and confers with a group of regulars at a  bar called Guernica that he sometimes frequents who he hopes can shed some light on the problem.  Meanwhile, there is a heist being planned at a chemical company by those who were around when the weapon was first captured, which includes cops and gang bangers.

This is a great comic. It's pretty cool to see Nick Fury Jr. playing a role in this one and it is different in that Wolverine isn't the one possessed by the alien weapon, but rather the humans who touched it are.  It also showed the depth of his humanity in his caring of this boy and wanting to help him and when he says how he didn't want to kill his father, but rather that he had no choice.  There is also a surprise appearance by the Watcher.  Most of the comic are in deep rich blues of the night and day with the bright yellow light to contrast it with of the devastating effect of the weapon.  The paneling and drawing are classic Wolverine. Also included are fan mail questions and answers from Paul Cornell as well as a brief chat with him about Wolverine from this comic and ones to come.  Overall it is definitely worth a read.

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Wolverine-2013-2014-Vol-Hunting-Season-ebook/dp/B00PSN2LYM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493986631&sr=8-1&keywords=wolverine+hunting+season

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