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Friday, February 17, 2017

Doctor Strange Vol. 2: The Last Days of Magic by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo

At the beginning of this comic, the world is under attack from the Empirikul under the leadership of the Imperator. The Imperator was given over to a group of his kind and ferreted away on a starship in an effort to save him from death by his parents who were about to die for their beliefs in science over magic in the harsh world they lived on serving under the creature known as Shuma-Gorath.  Even Doctor Strange has fought against him, though that means nothing to the Imperator who has made it his life-long mission to rid the universe of magic, world by world. And the earth is next on the list.

Doctor Strange pulls every bit of magic from the earth that he can and it is not enough to defeat them.  He is tied up to the tree outside when Monako comes up with his magic cane and uses it to release him into the catacombs below where there are others waiting.  It will cost Monako his life but teach the rest a lesson that there is still magic left in the world in small pockets of magical items that they need to find.  So they split up to find these objects.

What they discover as they criss-cross the globe is that lots of them are gone or don't work anymore and the ones that do are in poor shape. They aren't left with much to fight off the hardened Empirikuls and are pretty disheartened.  While this is going on, Doctor Strange's assistant who is in charge of organizing his library, Zelma Stanton has managed to rescue one book from the collection and hide inside a refrigerator and remain undetected by the Empirikuls so far. But that changes and she runs for cover and is rescued by Wong, the librarian in Tibet who takes her there using a magical item, where she tells him the Empirikuls have just opened the cellar door, which is bad news because something evil lurks down there. Something that should never be released.  Will the wielders of magic be able to defeat the Empirikuls with their weak weaponry and what about the monster under the cellar?

The coloring in this book is very stark and visceral.  When there are the few moments of happiness or hope the colors light up like a sunrise.  The drawings are very harshly drawn for it is a harsh storyline about the end of magic in the world for which the characters is like having their souls ripped out of them, so the hard lines show this and the fight they are doing to get it back.  Overall this is a very well written and well drawn comic and I can't wait for volume two to come out so I can find out what happens next.

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Doctor-Strange-Vol-Magic-2015-ebook/dp/B01LWABJ1D/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1487339253&sr=1-1&keywords=doctor+strange+the+and+of+magic

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