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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Deadly Web: A Bishop Files Novel by Kay Hooper

This is the second installment in the Bishop Files series.  Brodie and the good guys have decided that when they can, they will help the psychics to establish a very public profile so that it will make it very difficult, if not impossible for Duran to take them.  This is what they did with Sarah from the last book.  She and Tucker married and he wrote a book about her, which put her in the spotlight.  Her powers have grown by leaps and bounds. Another psychic, Murphy, seems to work for Brodie, Bishop, and Duran.  I'm not really sure which side she is on. Brodie now works alone.

Tasha Solomon is a very gifted psychic. She can read thoughts all around her and has a very strong shield because of this.  Her parents have just died, so she sold the home in Atlanta because she felt like she was in danger.  She moved to a very high-security building in Charleston, South Carolina and began a new life, but kept mostly to herself. Instinct seemed to tell her to stay in crowds as much as she could, though she could not say why.  Then she began to notice that someone seemed to be following her. One night she woke abruptly knowing that someone was coming to get her. She quickly made the bed so it would look like she hadn't been home and she grabbed her purse and keys and went and hid on the stairwell.  She saw some men come up the other stairwell and enter her apartment with no problem, look around, then left.  When she went back to her apartment and looked at the camera feed, she saw nothing.  How were they able to get in?

The next day at her usual breakfast café she meets Murphy who introduces her to Brodie.  What they don't know is that Duran and his psychic Astrid are nearby hoping to take advantage. Brodie opens himself up in order to gain Tasha's trust and when she goes inside, she can feel his emotions as well as see his memories and thoughts.  This gives Astrid a chance to hook into the connection and enter Tasha's mind and try to take control.  Tasha finds herself in a maze and knows that she shouldn't go to the center so she goes backward.  Then the vines of the hedge begin to strangle her arms.  Luckily, Sarah and Brodie are there.  Sarah is able to help her out of the maze and Brodie grabs her arms in the physical world and brings her back.  During the experience, the two have become linked psychically even though Brodie has no psychic abilities.

Brodie takes her back to her apartment and keeps watch over her. They spend a couple of days there recuperating.  While there, Tasha is visited by Brodie's dead wife, who tells her about her life and why Duran and his superiors want the psychics, because she was at one time, one of the ones they were after.  Tasha keeps quiet about this visit as she feels it is a rather personal matter.  But because of what she tells Tasha, Tasha soon figures out what Duran's superiors want with her and Brodie must not know.

Bishop has introduced himself to Brodie's group and made his extensive resources available to them. Three of the psychics that Bishop was watching has gone missing. And when two of them call out to him mentally, Duran becomes aware of Bishop. He wants to try to save them, but Brodie and Murphy tell him that it is hopeless to try at this point.  Once they are taken, the first thing they do is break down their minds and take their souls. All that is left is an empty husk.

This book left me feeling wanting.  It felt like it stopped mid-sentence. Technically the story arch was completed, but it left me with lots of questions, like who is Murphy and what is her agenda?  What is Duran's agenda?   What has Tucker found in his research? Who are Tasha's real parents? It was, however, a real delight to see Sarah in action. She has really grown as a character.  She is strong now and out to get the bad guys. She also has a sense of humor and really kicks ass. It will be interesting to see what happens between Tasha and Brodie.  Brodie feels the need to protect her, but since she was little, Tasha has been trained in martial arts.  Plus she has psychic powers. She can take care of herself to an extent and isn't as helpless as the usual psychics Brodie has had to bring in over the years. How will that psychic bond affect them?  Right now Brodie keeps it blocked by imagining an ocean so their thoughts will be their own. Will Brodie develop any psychic abilities from this link? I need answers!! I need the next book to come out now! I guess you could say I really liked this book.  This series keeps getting better and better. 

Link To Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Deadly-Web-Bishop-Files-Novel-ebook/dp/B00BTRDHLC/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1508334386&sr=1-1&keywords=a+deadly+web+kay+hooper

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