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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Valley of Silence: Book Three of the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts

This is the final book in the Circle Trilogy and I have to say they saved the best for last.  Maybe its because I can really relate to the bookish and curious nature of Moira and the cynical, sarcastic, been-there-done-it attitude of Cian.  This book will culminate in the ultimate battle against Lilith on the Valley of Shadows, where blood is soaked into the ground from when the gods battled against each other ages ago.

The people of Gael watch as Moira pulls out the sword of destiny, which determines if that person will be the ruler.  When she pulled it out, a streak of wild lightening flashed up her arm and through the sword into the sky, which heightens Moira's small amount of magical powers.  She works with Glenna to make them even stronger as the others continue to practice fighting.  At her coronation ceremony feast, one of Lilith's half-vampires shoots an arrow at her and Cian pushes her down and gets stabbed instead.  She declares, much to his discontent, that he is now Sir Cian.  It helps to cement the people to like and trust Cian more.  They decide to use the friendly dragons in the area, who have never had much to do with the people of Gael, but whom Larkin can talk to.  They plan to reign fire bombs and fire arrows from the skies.

Moira, tired of waiting for Cian to come to her goes to him and seduces him into taking her virginity, something he has refused to do, since they have no hope for a future.  He will live on after her and can not provide her with children.  They only have this short period of time together, before he will leave and go back to his world where he belongs. 

Lilith, meanwhile, sends her six-year-old vampire child, Davey, to have his first hunt.  He is protected from steel and wood by her magician's spell and goes out and convinces one of her men to leave the encampment to try to save him, only to be viciously killed.  Moira is having a hard time with her role as queen as she has to offer comfort to the families who have lost loved ones.  So, when her ladies-in-waiting demand to go and fight alongside their men, she gives in and lets them.

On a side note, there is one of the most sexy love scenes I have ever encountered in either a romance or vampire book and it involves mirrors.  I'd have never thought of it.  Hats off to you Nora Roberts for thinking outside the box.

The end of the book culminates in the battle and the secret weapon the six are planning to use to hopefully wipe out all of the vampires.  This was truly a satisfying read and a wonderfully grand ending to a very enjoyable trilogy.  These books, and this one in particular, will take you far away from your own world, into a magical one where anything is possible. 

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