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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blood Game By Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor who reconstructs skulls in the hopes of bringing bodies back to their families, always looking for her daughter who went missing and is presumed dead, years ago.  Joe Quinn, the FBI agent assigned to the case would eventually marry her and join the Atlanta Police Department.  While they would work together to put killers behind bars, the ultimate goal is to find Bonnie.  Jane, now an adult, was a young girl that they adopted from the streets who helps them.

In this book, a psychotic killer believes that if he drinks a certain number of the blood of strong, intelligent women, he will have god-like powers.  Nancy Joe, a senator's daughter, is the first kill.  Her throat is slit and a cup with ancient symbols on it is found at the scene, where the killer drank her blood.  Another cup is found in Eve's fridge.  This killer plans on making Eve his final victim.

Megan, a former ER doctor, who had to give up her practice due to her gifts, one of which is the ability to hear the words of the dying where they were killed and the other is to, if she is emotionally charged, to touch someone and unlock their own psychic gift.  She has done this to Joe, who is now seeing ghosts, even if he does not want to accept it.  Megan belongs to a large family of those with special powers, so she calls upon them to help.  When they see the picture of the cup, they contact Seth Caleb, who has been hunting down the cult and wants to eliminate the one remaining.

Seth heads to Atlanta to help Joe and Eve but is met with resistance as they find it hard to believe in the supernatural.  Eventually, though, they have to believe or risk losing their lives as the killer gets closer and closer.  Seth's ability is to persuade others to do what he asks.  He can not make people do what he wants, but he can be charming.  This killer killed someone he cared deeply about and he intends to end him.

With the help of Nancy Joe and others, the net begins to close in on the killer, who has a few tricks up his own sleeve.  Joe's not sure whether Seth will be a help or a hindrance, but eventually he has to trust him to some degree sometime as the clock is ticking and no one knows where this sadistic killer will strike next, only that Eve and Jane's lives are in danger, as well as anyone close to them.

Link to Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Blood-Game-Duncan-Forensics-Thriller/dp/0312368135/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477241828&sr=8-1&keywords=blood+game

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