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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ghost Hunter by Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle

Jayne Castle is the name Krentz publishes under for her futuristic suspense novels.  They take place on the planet of Harmony two hundred years after the curtain closed, that had been opened for a while to allow humans through to colonize other planets.  The years of Discord followed and for a while it was every man for himself.  Soon, however, the humans began to develop paranormal abilities unique to the planet.  Underneath the planet, the former aliens who had lived there, left green quartz, and to navigate underground you need tuned amber, or you'll get lost forever.  Amber is also used to start cars, lock doors, and many other common things.  In the catacombs, ghost hunters are needed to dissolve para disonence energy, which takes the form of a ghost, and can fry your brain.  Detanglers are also needed to unravel traps that block doors.  There also dust bunnies that are unusual pets who are great protectors and have two sets of eyes and six feet.

Cooper Boone, recently made Guild boss of the Aurora Springs ghost hunters is engaged to Elly St. Clair.  For months, he has canceled dates, or shown up late, and he gives her no more than a chaste kiss goodnight.  When he fights a duel over her with Palmer Frazier, a man she dated for a while, but realized he was only after her father's influence on the council to make him Guild boss, she gets really pissed off.  The gossip could cost her her job at the University, where she in a botanist and makes her believe that Boone is only interested in the Guild position himself, so she breaks up with him and moves to the big city of Cadence and opens up an herbal shop, where she uses her secret psi talent of being able to "read" plants makes it possible for her to brew up special individual  brews for her patrons. 

One night, her friend, a ruin rat, who is someone who doesn't make it to the University level of para-archeology, but has talent, and goes into the catacombs looking for things to sell, finds someone's hidden stash of illegal drugs and makes a run for her life.  Elly becomes concerned, and as luck would have it, Cooper is in town on "business", which is trying to win back Elly.  He helps her find her friend and de-rezes the blue ghost, a mythical ghost that is watching over her friend, which he shouldn't be able to do, but his talent is a Guild secret. 

They soon find themselves embroiled in a drug operation and murder as they try to find the person behind it all and why this is happening.  This isn't Castle's first Harmony book.  The first one is called Afterburn; but you don't have to read one to read the other.  They are both excellent books and great reads if you want to read something different in the sci-fi genre.  I love them both!

Link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Hunter-Jayne-Castle/dp/0515141402?ie=UTF8&keywords=ghost%20hunter&qid=1464027842&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1

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