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Friday, June 17, 2016

Divided In Death by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)

In this seventeenth book in the Lieutenant Eve Dallas futuristic series set in 2059 (the first is Naked in Death and they're all worth reading) where everything bad for you is outlawed, including real coffee, cigs, and meat (soy dogs and veggie chips and Pepsi that comes in a tube--no I have no idea what happened to Coke) and stay at home mothers are paid, the president is a woman, people get enhancements, prostitution is licensed, begging is licensed, there are holodecks, and the police use tasers and blasters to electrify the bad guys, Eve and her husband Roarke (think of a young Pierce Brosnen), who owns at least a part of everything legal (for her sake) on and off planet, find themselves in up to their ears in a complex plot to frame one of Roarke's employees.

When Reva finds out her husband, Blair, is sleeping with her best friend, she runs over to the woman's house with her street legal blaster from her Secret Service days, and plans on confronting them and giving him a good shock in the balls.  What she finds is both of them in bed, stabbed multiple times to death, and then she is knocked out with a cloth to her mouth.  Roarke's administrative assistant, who is Reva's mother, calls Roarke when her daughter calls her from the crime scene.  Dallas goes over and sees that the scene is too neat and there are too many inconsistencies.  She has to arrest Reva anyway, but doesn't believe she did it. 

Reva, an electronics expert, is working on a top secret government project to protect computers from a super virus being created by a terrorist hacking group.  She soon discovers that her husband was working for Homeland Security as well as her best friend and Homeland have bugged her house on his metal artwork and have placed a bug in the back of her neck to monitor what she does at Roarke Industries, especially the Code Red project against the virus. 

When Roarke hacks into Homeland Security with his illegal computer, he also discovers that Homeland knew about Eve's situation in Dallas when she was a child and being raped and physically abused by her father--a father she killed when she was seven--and that they did nothing to intervene (Eve kills him when she is seven and is found in an alley by cops and given the name Eve Dallas), he wants to make it his personal mission to find those responsible and kill them, even though it goes against everything Eve stands for and is something she doesn't want.  This causes such a major riff between the really close couple that they barely speak to each other and avoid one another. 

Just how involved is Homeland Security and why would they set up Reva?  Where is Blair's brother who lives in Jamaica?  These and many other tantalizing questions I can not reveal without giving too much away to the reader, will be answered.  This is an exciting series and I especially enjoyed this book because it was a challenge for Dallas to battle a dangerous government agency as well as her husband.  This is one of the best of the series and I highly recommend it.

Quotes: Nothing, no monster was ever as terrifying if you could name him. (p 321)

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Divided-Death-J-D-Robb/dp/0425197956/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1466427564&sr=1-1&keywords=divided+by+death

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