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Monday, April 11, 2016

Shadow Spell: Book Two of the Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy by Nora Roberts

This series keeps getting better and better.  Conner O'Dwyer and Meara Quinn have been best friends and see each other as almost brother and sister, until one night when Connor almost dies, she finds herself kissing him in an un-brotherly way.  Cabhan is back in full force and he is after Connor and Meara.  Connor finds himself dreaming/visiting his ancestor, and Sorcha's son, Eamon.  After saving the boy from Cabhan, they begin to visit each other in the dream world, where Cabhan hopes to kill Eamon and his sisters, since he while he can travel through time, he is stuck to Sorcha's cabin and can't travel far from it and Sorcha's children are far away, but in their dreams, he can attack them through Connor.  

Meara is an Irish Amazon woman with gypsy blood who wields a sword and rides a mean horse.  She can cuss up a storm and drink most men under the table.   Meara has been having troubles of her own for quite some time.  Her mother is a bit of a useless soul, who was better suited to hosting the dinner parties her and her husband held before he left them without a dime.  Meara's sisters want her to move in with her mother, because she really shouldn't be living alone, but Meara turns the tables and sends her mother to live with her sister, who has kids her mother can help watch. 

Connor is the most easy going person in the world.  He's every man's best friend and every woman's dream guy.  He likes to pull her braid in such a cute schoolboy way.  He is also the most patient one in the world, which helps when he realizes that he loves Meara and she thinks she can't love anyone, because she could turn out to be like her dad and not stick around, or worse, her mother, who still pines for a man who didn't stick around.  Connor runs the falconry and his familiar is Roibeard, a falcon. 

After Cabhan comes after Meara and nearly kills her the group realizes they must do something soon to stop him.  When Meara dreamwalked with Connor, she spilled some of Cabhan's blood, so Branna, Connor's sister, has one more ingredient to use in a potion to try to end this on Sabhain, Halloween, when the veil between this life and the after life  is the thinnest. 

I loved reading about Connor and Meara.  I had no idea how they would manage to get together, even though in these books, you know it will happen, because of the way they always treated each other as brother and sister.  This was such a great book.  It was better than the first and the third book, which hasn't been published yet and will feature former teen lovers Branna and Flin, who stopped seeing each other when Cabhan's mark appeared on him on his eighteenth birthday and even though he would have nothing to do with him, she refused to have anything to do with him then.  Now, his help is essential.  I can't wait to read their story, as it will probably be the best one yet.

Link to Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Shadow-Spell-Cousins-ODwyer-Roberts/dp/0425259862?ie=UTF8&keywords=shadow%20spell%20book%20two%20of%20the%20cousins%20o%27dwyer%20trilogy&qid=1460386428&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1

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